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Our Service

We aim to offer a service of the highest quality to children and their families from around the world. We specialise in the conditions of squint (strabismus) and lazy eye (amblyopia).


Focused and specialised service

Most paediatric ophthalmologists (children's eye doctors) see all types of eye problems. However, it is well known that specialising in one area of medicine leads to a deeper understanding of the condition. Mr Ali is one of the few eye doctors whose private practice for children concentrates exclusively on squint and lazy eye. In addition, Mr Ali has given up all other operations so he can focus 100% on squint surgery.

We welcome children with all types of squint and lazy eye problems, form the very simple to the extremely complex.

  • turns

  • drifts

  • crossed eyes

  • squint (strabismus)

  • double vision

  • vision problems

  • glasses problems

  • lazy eye (amblyopia)

  • patching

  • atropine drops

  • first time squint surgery

  • re-do (corrective/revision) squint surgery

And some of the particular squint diagnoses we specialise in are:

  • esotropia (convergent squint)

  • exotropia (divergent squint)

  • Duane syndrome

  • Brown syndrome


Second opinion service

It is natural for parents to want to be sure that the course of treatment their child has been given is correct. Standards of practice vary widely, and sometimes parents feel their child is not getting the best care for their eyes that they deserve. This often happens because they see inexperienced doctors in clinics, or see a different doctor each time. Often parents feel that they or their child are not listened to.

For this reason it makes sense to get an expert second opion - to have another specialist assess the situation and give a fresh perspective. Sometimes the second opinion will match the plan that is already in place. This is great as it means parents have more confidence that they are choosing the right course of action. Sometimes the second opinion will differ from the original plan. This is also great, as it offers parents an alternative option to help their child's problem.



One of the things we hear most from parents is : "Nobody has ever explained that to us before." In busy NHS clinics, it is often difficult for the doctors to have time to fully explain the issues involved in a child's eye problems. Although squint, lazy eye and vision can seem very confusing at first, with enough time and a clear explanation, we find that most parents leave with a very good understanding of what is going on with their child's eyes. One of the main advantages of our service is that we give parents and children the time and clarity of explanation to clear the confusion. Just by making thing clearer, many parents feel much better able to cope with their child's eye problem.


Seeing it from your perspective

We put the perspetive of the child and the parents first.  We realise the effect that a squint or lazy eye has on parents. Am I doing the right thing? Is there anything else we could be doing? Will my child's life be affected? Will they be teased? Will their studies suffer? These and more questions often run through the minds of parents. We understand this concern, and see your child and you as a unit whose well-being is what matters, not just the angle of the squint or the strength of the glasses prescription. 


Expert team

Mr Ali works with a small team of select professionals who all contribute to your child's care and the success of their treatment. Every child who comes to us actually gets 3 appointments in 1, seeing:

  • an experienced orthoptist - who accurately measure your child's vision and squint

  • an experienced paediatric optometrist (children's optician) - who performs an accurate test to see if your child needs glasses, or if they have glasses, whether they are correct

  • Mr Ali

In addition, for surgery Mr Ali works with Consultant Ophthalmic Anaesthetists who are experts in the anaesthetic requirements of children's squint surgery. Just as importantly, they also understand the child's and the parent's anxieties. No matter how high the quality of the surgery, it is the quality of the anaesthetist that makes the day of the operation a relaxed, pain-free and calm experience for the family involved.


World-class setting

If you choose to come to us, you will have the confidence that you are being treated at Moorfields Eye Hospital, the UK’s top eye hospital and one of the best eye hospitals in the world.

And as a private patient you will naturally also enjoy the benefits of rapid access to appointments and surgery, and a premier level of Consultant care from start to finish.